Configure Developer Site to build and manage app for SharePoint and Office 15

After installing and configuring SharePoint 2013, if you try to visit the SharePoint App Store you will notice a warning message ‘Sorry, apps are turned off. If you know who runs the server, tell them to enable apps.”.

Basically, we have 3 ways to deploy SharePoint apps:

– Provider-hosted (Developer or IT department provides the hosting infrastructure)
– Autohosted (Uses Windows Azure or SQL Azure for hosting)
– SharePoint-hosted (Hosted inside existing SharePoint infrastructure)

In order to install an app from the SharePoint Store, you must setup an isolated App Domain, this is because apps from the store deployed to their own app domain and run under a separate process from your SharePoint sites.

Step 1: set up your app domain. In this case, I will create a sub-domain to host apps

Go to Administrative Tools, select DNS. Right click on the name of your domain and select New Alias (CNAME)…


Fill in *.app (or whatever name you want) for Alias name, click Browse button below, double click on your server name, double click “Forward Lookup Zones”, double click the domain of your SharePoint environment, select “Same as parent folder” and click OK.


Now you are done setting up your DNS.


Step 2: configure SharePoint

In this step, you will create  an App Management and a Subscription Settings Service Application on your SharePoint. To do this, please read this article on MSDN and follow steps mentioned there, you have to use PowerShell to create the Subscription Settings Service Application.


Check App Management Service and Subscription Settings Service started.


Go to Central Administration page, click Apps on the left panel, clickConfigure App URLs. The information is filled automatically, and you can change it if you want.


OK, let’s check the developer site and try to install and build some apps, let’s rock.


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