Install and configure Workflow Manager and Service Bus for SharePoint 2013

First, ensure that you are logged into SharePoint Server using administrator domain account and verify that the network configuration is correct for SQL Server 2012 in order to install Workflow Manager.

Configure the Workflow Service Account with the necessary rights

– Grant domain\sp_content account securityadmin & dbcreator permissions in SQL Server.


– Add the Workflow service account to the local administrators group.


In the  Administrators Properties dialog, select the Members tab and click Add.

In the Enter the object names to select box, enter domain\sp_content and click the Check Names button.


At this point, the service account that will host Workflow Manager and Service Bus has been configured correctly.

Download and install Workflow Manager and Service Bus

Launch the Web Platform Installer, execute a search for Workflow, selectWorkflow Manager 1.0 and click Add and Install.


When the installer completes, the following dialog will appear. Click Continue and Finish to start the configuration process.


Configure Workflow Manager and Service Bus

On the Welcome page, click Configure Workflow Manager with Default Settings (Recommended).


On the New Farm Configuration page, do the following


Click the right arrow in the bottom right corner to process. On the Summary page review your settings and click the check at the bottom right of the window to start the configuration process.



At this point, Workflow Manager and Service Bus has been installed  and a new Workflow Manager farm has been created.

Connect SharePoint 2013 to Workflow Manager

Open the Workflow Manager Powershell console and execute the following cmdlet


Take note this port (12291) because this is what you will use to connect SharePoint 2013 farm to Workflow Manager.

Open SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and execute the following script


This script is telling SharePoint the endpoint it should be use to talk to Workflow Manager as well as Workflow Manager the SharePoint site collection it should talk to for calls into the CSOM. At this point, the SharePoint 2013 farm is connected to the Workflow Manager farm.

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