Integrate Project Server 2013 with SharePoint Server 2013

First, you have download the installation file for Project Server 2013. Fortunately, today, I have received an email from Microsoft inform me that I can download Project Server 2013  (final version) for evaluation in 180 days. Here is the link to download.

After installation Project Server 2013, run SharePoint Product Configuration Wizard to re configure SharePoint Server on your machine. Next, go to Central Administration page, select Manage service application.


Select New from menu bar, select Project Server Service Application.


Fill all the required information for this service, click OK.


Now, you can see this service appear on the screen.


Click on Project Service Application to navigate to the configuration page for this service. Woop, you’ll see a problem here.


Don’t worry, cause I haven’t start Project Application Services, this problem occurs. Let’s move to Manage services on server page to start this service by moving back to Central Administration page, select Manage services on server.


You’ll  see Project Application Services on the screen and its status is Stopped. Simply  click Start to start this service.


Well, let’s move back to the page we got the problem to check it.


Hooray, the problem is gone, a new page appears to mange project web apps on the server. Select Create Project Web App Instance to create new one.


Fill all the required information for this instance, click OK to finish it.


You’ll see the project web app you have created appear on the screen, on the right column, you’ll see the status of this app. It take a moment, so you can navigate to other page to continue you work. When the status is Provisioned, it means you can go to the project web app page from now.


Hooray, you got it! The project web app is successfully created.


So, just take a look on the database on SharePoint Server, you’ll see a database named ProjectWebApp to store data for the project web app you have created above.


Let’s discover ‘kul’ features of Project Server 2013 on SharePoint Server 2013 now.

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