Install Umbraco 7 in Visual Studio 2015 RC using Nuget Package Management

Today I try to install Umbraco CMS in the new Visual Studio 2015 RC using Nuget Package Management. I will write short because the installation made me disappointed, and took me a lot of time to wait for nothing. If you don’t know what Umbraco is, and what it can do, you can go to its official page (Umbraco website), and its community website (Umbraco Community) to figure out more .


Besides, you can install Umbraco using Webmatrix, Web Platform Installer, or download .zip package from its website.


To start the installation, I created a new blank ASP.NET web project in Visual Studio 2015 RC.



Then I started installing Umbraco by typing installation command line in Nuget Package Manager Console. To know the exact installation command, you can go to Nuget website to search for the package you want to install, and in this case is Umbraco.




Press Enter after typing the command line, and wait for ‘the magic’ : ))

If you don’t want to use this console window of Nuget, you can do the same thing by using Manage Nuget Packages… under Project tab. Type “umbraco” keyword in the search box, and click the install button, and wait for ‘the magic’ :)) .



Now, the disappointment happened. The message “Attempting to gather dependencies information for package ‘UmbracoCms.7.2.5-RC’ with respect to project targeting ‘.NETFramework, Version=v4.5.2’” appeared, and stayed there for a long long time. I waited 1 hour, and there was nothing. I clicked the small red rectangle to stop the installation, but it didn’t work too. So, I had to close Visual Studio to get back to work with my other projects. There was no happy endings here 😀



I will try to install Umbraco 7 in Visual Studio using its .zip package, and I will write a post about it later.

Update (05/13/2015):

1. The link to my post about installing Umbraco 7 using its package (.zip) file with Visual Studio 2015 RC.

2. I found out the solution for this problem, click to know how to solve.

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