Install Umbraco 7 manually using its installation package in Visual Studio 2015 RC

In this post, I will show you how to install Umbraco manually by using its installation package in Visual Studio 2015 RC. First of all, you go to its community website, choose the version you want to install, and download it. In this post, I choose version 7.2.5-RC for the demo.


Next, unzip the file to a folder on your machine, open Visual Studio 2015 RC, choose Files -> Open -> Web Site…


And now you have Umbraco website in Visual Studio, and it’s ready to install.


Let’s pres Ctrl + F5 to see ‘the magic’ 😀

Viola, the website is ‘online’ now, and is ready to install. Your job now is ‘fill in the blanks’, and finish it 😀



Typing, typing…

Holy *, it shows my password, can you believe it?


Btw, this is still a testing version, so I hope it will fix this * in the final release version.


Viola, the installation is completed, let’s see what you get in this version 😀


And this is how it looks with default theme, and you can test them on many screen sizes with the left panel. Kool huh! 😀




You can see that the structure on the Admin page under Home has the same with the menu of the demo website layout. This can give you an idea to know how Umbraco works even you don’t need to code, or edit anything 😀


Let’s take a minute to look at the generated database after the installation. This version of Umbraco is very handy. It used SQL Server Compact so you don’t need to install SQL Server on your machine to run it.


OK, the installation is completed, you can explore the Umbraco your way from now. Good luck!

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