Upgrade VS2015 from RC To RTM, and problems

On 20th, July this year, Microsoft released the RTM of Visual Studio 2015 with many enhancements. Before getting this version, my machine was running well with the RC version of VS. I downloaded the ISO file, and failed to install it on my machine that I uninstalled the RC version before installing the new one. These message windows appeared.



I posted a thread on MSDN forum, and took some time to figure out the solution for it. These issues was caused by un-clean uninstalling the old version, in this case is RC, on my machine. These packages was still somewhere on my machine, and when I installed the new version on the same machine, the conflict happened. I followed this way (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/astebner/archive/2005/07/01/using-msiinv-to-gather-information-about-what-is-installed-on-a-computer.aspx), and step by step uninstalled these packages out of my machine.

I show you the steps I did to uninstall these packages out of my machine:

Step 1: Open msiinv_output.txt, and look up to the package you want to remove

Step 2: Copy the product code, include brackets { }, ex {3413D88D-B121-342A-ABA7-84F1B113F453}

Step 3: Open cmd with Administrator, type this command

msiexec /x {3413D88D-B121-342A-ABA7-84F1B113F453}

Step 4: Copy exact the name in the pop-up message box, and create exact the same structure folder in C:\ProgramData\PackageCache


Step 5: Manually copy the same package from VS2015RC ISO file to the created folder, back to the message box, and click OK to uninstall that package.

After uninstalling these packages, try installing the RTM again. Good luck :).


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