Windows 10 Technical Preview – A nightmare!!!

After watching BUILD 2015 event, I was inspired by what Microsoft are doing, especially Hololens. I went to their download website to download the newest, hottest OS of Microsoft, Windows 10 (Technical Preview, build 10074).

The first issue I met was the installation files was not copied completely to my machine, and it hang at 48%. This was my fault because I burnt the OS iso file to the DVD with high speed. So, I burnt the ISO file to another DVD with lower speed, and it worked :D. Now, welcome Cortana in Windows 10 :D.

Cortana in Windows 10 Technical Preview


Well, the first installation was so good. There is no problems with the original OS. You can find many beautiful photos, videos on other blogs about this hottest OS, so I don’t post them here, because I have to capture the same screenshots to show you, and I’m a ‘lazy man’ 😀 (just kidding). After making a tour with this OS, I clicked update to check out if there’s any installation for my drivers, especially my NVIDIA graphic card driver. Hooray, it had, and bonus with an update for the OS, KB3061161. I let it updated without restarting my computer, and everything was still good. And, it’s time for the dark, and the nightmare, hoho. I restarted my computer after install some products from Adobe, and Wacom tablet driver. The BLUE restarting screen appeared, and hang there with unlimited time. OMG, really!!! Yes, it was.


I must hold the power button on my computer to shut it down. OMG OMG. I waited some seconds, then powered on my computer. The starting up was so so slow, and hang with a BLUE screen. OMG, really!!! Yes, it’s the beginning of the nightmare.


I had to use the power button again to shut it down. I tried it some more times to hope that it could get back to work. One of them worked. I could log-in to my computer, and guess what happened. The start menu didn’t work, no apps worked, but explorer. The taskbar had only 3 icons for date-time display, battery power, notification, and touchpad, no more.





You can see, no resources used, even the memory was used -1%. This is so weird :D.

So, what could I say? My computer had become a ‘stone’. But I didn’t give up there. I tried a clean install again, and I wanted to figure out what made that issue. OK, and I knew what the problem is. The problem happened after I install updates, include my graphic card driver installation, worked well with on-board Intel HD 3000/4000… driver.

So, my recap:

Windows 10 Technical Preview is only for brave man, who want to see what Windows 10 BLUE screen look like.

Windows 10 Technical Preview, at this time, only work on machine with on-board graphic card, not for “out-board” graphic card.

Hope you have great time with Windows 10 Technical Preview.

P/s: I switched back to Windows 8.1 for working.

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